NORD DRIVESYSTEMS introduces NSD tupH, a surface treatment that makes aluminum drives as robust as their stainless steel counterparts and which provides a much more efficient anti-corrosion protection than any varnish. Combined with stainless steel standard parts, stainless steel output shafts, and food grade lubricants, NSD tupH drives are the optimal solution for applications with stringent hygiene requirements.

Gear motor

They withstand even very demanding environmental conditions, such as chemical cleaning treatments used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The treated surfaces are scratch-proof, very resistant, and do not corrode.

The ultra-robust finish requires is based on an electrolytic process that makes aluminum surfaces six to seven times harder than the base material. Extensive tests showed that NSD tupH surfaces did not sustain any damages even from continuous salt water rinsing or the use of aggressive chemicals and high-pressure cleaners. Salt spray tests showed no corrosion after 1,000 hours. NSD tupH also proved superior compared with standard surface treatment during chip resistance testing: protective coatings or varnishes – whether they are varnish, nickel, or nickel/Teflon combinations – can peel off, e.g. in case of damage. Thanks to their design, this is impossible with NSD tupH treated gear units. And while most manufacturers provide stainless steel models for only a few drive types, the NSD tupH treatment is available for the entire range of aluminum products. The weight factor is another advantage: since aluminum is considerably lighter than steel, this solution has substantially less mass and thus provides better installation options for mechanical engineers. Moreover, NSD tupH units are also cheaper than stainless steel systems thanks to their choice of basic material.